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Breaking Ground Since 1977



Hoffman Construction, Inc. has enjoyed growth and successful client relationships in both King and Pierce Counties since 1977. We are a family-owned business still operating on our founding principle that a quality team results in a quality project. The company was founded on the promise to provide quality service and customer satisfaction for all construction projects, big or small.  Our team is professional, knowledgeable and experienced in all types of excavation and underground utility work with a strong commitment to excellence. Our specialties include residential and commercial site development as well as public works projects.    

Our management team is completely hands on.  Our team oversees and handles all administrative duties and field operations including scheduling.  Our operators are very experienced and trained “in house” to meet the highest standards and expectations.  We pride ourselves in our ability to complete projects on a timely basis.  Safety is a top priority on our job sites and our current Workman’s Comp Experience Factor rating is .80 which is well below the industries standard of 1.0.  

Our company is well known in the area for our devotion to clients and also for our specific expertise in excavating and underground utility installations.  Not only do we show our devotion by the work that we perform but also by our persistence in working with our clients.





159 16th St E, Pacific, WA,

Tel: 360-825-9797

Fax: 360-802-9797

Bo Sellman, CFO


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Get a quote: 360-825-9797

To apply for a job with Hoffman Construction, Inc. please send a cover letter together with your resume to:

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